Not only humans but animals are also carrying famous Word of Mouth in all over the world. The reason can be Saving, Killing, Dying, Taking Birth etc……

Following images may enlighten the recent ones:

Malayan tiger CICIP

  • 29 May 2017
  • Zookeeper, Rosa King, died in a “freak accident”.
  • Her family support decision to let rare Malayan tiger live.

Elephant GAJRAJ

70-year-old Gajraj was rescued.

Elephant rehabilitation centre in Mathura.

Gajraj has developed partial blindness and a toenail abscess.…

Flying Squirrel

  1. New species of flying squirrel in North America
  2. Humboldt’s flying squirrel is known as a “cryptic” species.
  3. 45th known species
  4. Glide from tree to tree by extending furred membranes of skin that stretch from the wrist of the forearm to the ankle on the hind leg.



  • Invasive lionfish in the Caribbean Sea
  • haven’t even discovered yet.
  • concern was that these voracious predators might be gobbling up biodiversity before scientists even know it exists.…

Police Pups

  • Six puppies called Lucky Star, Schumann, Fly, Brother, AJ and Bright have been born to two police dogs in the force.
  • They were born on 9 May.
  • When they’re older, they’ll be trained up to join the dog team in the police force.