Every group is made for a purpose, it can be a common interest, dress, language, place, climate, health, opportunities, threats, fears, strengths, weakness……….like anything………..

But it ends with a very beautiful family of any size…….

It ends into a beautiful picture……How?


“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.”

Kayapo (Brazil)

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  • PRONUNCIATION: kay-AH-pohs
  • LOCATION:Brazil (Amazon jungle)
  • POPULATION:A few thousand
  • LANGUAGE:Kayapo
  • RELIGION:Traditional indigenous belief

“You can no longer see or identify yourself solely as a member of a tribe, but as a citizen of a nation of one people working toward a common purpose.”

Huli – Papua New Guinea

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“Plenty of people will think you’re crazy, no matter what you do. Don’t let that stop you from finding the people who think you’re incredible—the ones who need to hear your voice, because it reminds them of their own. Your tribe. They’re out there. Don’t let your critics interfere with your search for them.”

Chukchi – Siberia

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  • ALTERNATE NAMES : Lygoraveltlat; Chukchee
  • LOCATION: Russia (Chukchi peninsula in northeastern Siberia)
  • POPULATION:15,000
  • LANGUAGE:Chukchi
  • RELIGION:Native form of Shamanism

“I don’t believe god has a darling tribe or nation, all tribes and nations are his darlings.”

Drokpa – Ladakh, India

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“Some people will hear you louder in silence. Those are your tribe – they’ll get you through the tough days and give you something to laugh about on the ride.” Andamanese – Andaman Islands, India

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“What tribes are, is a very simple concept that goes back 50 million years. It’s about leading and connecting people and ideas. And it’s something that people have wanted forever.”
Nenets – Siberia, Russia

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“People want to be in their own fashion tribes, so they want to wear the same clothes to be connected to everyone else in that tribe. But they want to be different from other tribes.”
Yanomami – South America

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“If you go back in time you’ll find tribes that were essentially only concerned with their own tribal members. If you were a member of another tribe, you could be killed with impunity.”

San People or Bushmen – Africa

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“Travelling through the breeding places of our species is far from being as interesting to me as it is to inspect the breeding places of the feathery tribes of our country.”

Maori – New Zealand

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“There have been some positive things that have happened for the tribes, but it’s a constant, vigilant fight about protecting what resources we have in terms of land and rights.”

Aborigines – Australia

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